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1988 – 1989 : BTEC First Diploma in Design

1989 – 1991 : BTEC National Diploma in Graphic Design

1991 – 1994 : BA (Hons) Visual Communication - Graphic Design

1994 : Work Experience BBC News & Current Affairs

1995 – 1997 : Yorkshire Television

1997 – 1998 : The Weather Channel

1998 – 2001 : Sky

2001 – 2002 : Kemistry

2002 – 2005 : BDA

2005 – 2018 : BBC / Red Bee Media / Freelance Graphic Designer

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About ten years ago I reignited my interest in photography, initially focussing on modern architecture and landscapes in London and the south east of England.


Since then I have taken well over a hundred thousand photographs.  Many of the images reflect my graphic design background through their abstraction, composition, and use of geometry.


My work is editorial in nature.  I arrange my photographs into sequences of images that describe my experience of a location or subject.


I have taken photographs since I was a child.  My first camera was a Kodak Brownie 127 camera followed by a Voigtlander Perkeo, before receiving an SLR in my early teens - a Zenit EM.


Throughout my time at art school I took photographs with a Pentax SLR.  I developed and processed my own film and prints, experimenting with different techniques such as solarisation and creating photograms.  I either combined the images with my design work, or retained them as images in their own right.


During my television career I have taken photographs to document location recces and my film shoots.  I find that taking photographs of a location is a great way to pinpoint potential camera positions and to help storyboard a shoot.


I've been invited to do several photographic shoots, including the last shoot at BBC Television Centre for a BBC Four programme called Goodbye Television Centre.  The photographs were used in the titles and set design.

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